Bull Dove

Misfit Shapes

Bull Dove

The ‘BULL DOVE’ is Misfit Shapes NEW 2019 team-plug performance shortboard.

It's the most “HP” blade they’ve developed since the release of the ‘Proform’, and just like it’s predecessor, this model is designed for all out attack. The name suggests it all; a raging ‘bull’, but perfectly tamed by timeless shortboard design and clean lines, hence the ‘dove’ part of the title. 
The board harnesses a straight single concave from nose to tail, deepest between the feet, which gives controlled lift, with a wild amount of speed, sensitivity and drive. A continues medium rocker coupled with a slight hip and our delicious new curved round square tail makes it silky smooth rail-to-rail but capable of hyper quick and more responsive directional changes. All this blended with a slightly fuller rail and marginally wider plan-shape makes it the ultimate “modern” shortboard, one that works for your aspiring grom through to your seasoned nooner producer. She’s just a pretty pretty board, one that many are already calling “the best shorty MS have ever made”…
Stock board includes team-light blank, s-cloth deck, innegra tail patches.

Available in Squash, Round & Rounded Square tails.


Stock dimensions available to order (please allow 3 weeks) and for custom sizes please email harboursurf1@gmail.com: