Chubby Chedda


Chubby Chedda

The Chubby Chedda is proving to be a way more versatile short board than they ever anticipated and the favourite of many ordering their LSD.

The design stemmed from a widened outline of a contemporary shortboard, hence the ‘Chubby’ providing desirable fast planing speed.

The nose rocker is low for acceleration and ease of paddling while the performance-style tail rocker allows the board to get vertical and whippy when needed. Single concave throughout with a decent double under the back foot makes it easy to roll over from rail to rail.

Instead of going with the usual round square tail research has found that a round tail on the CC gives it a whole new dimension; slightly less pod area gives the rider more hold and control,especially in bigger powerful waves and makes it easier to fit into the more critical suckier sections. 

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*All online board orders receive a free tailpad. You'll be sent an order confirmation where you'll be able to choose your pad!

Stock dimensions available to order: