Roach II
Roach II


Roach II

outline Outline
The Roach II features a modern 80’s shortboard outline. It’s a combination of the Roach & the Rab 3 which was originally designed by Lee Stacey, Bob Hurley & Rabbit Bartholomew. Designed for absolute speed and sensitivity so surfing junky conditions all of a sudden became super fun. 
entry Entry Rocker
With a nod of the head to the 80’s the Roach II has a modern take on a throwback rocker throughout. Long low entry for effortless paddle power, speed and carry in smaller weak conditions. 
exit Exit Rocker
The low accelerated tail rocker gives you a full feeling of freedom whilst surfing. Designed for speed in & out of turns and a sharp, tight turn radius. 
concave Concave
Heavy vee on entry to break water for early entry into waves, Deep single through the front foot area for speed and a mild vee out the tail for smooth rail to rail transition. 
tail Tail
Double bump swallow tail. With the board being so wide to maximise speed, the double bump swallow tail was introduced to give a break point for a sharp turning radius.