Diamond Dancer 2
Diamond Dancer 2

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Diamond Dancer 2

Part of Misfits ‘Modern Cloud Control 2’ Collection with a continued design emphasis on free-flowing and progressive shapes, the ‘DIAMOND DANCER 2’ is the shortboard, or refined nose profile version of their original snub nose ‘DIAMOND DANCER’.

The most noticeable difference between the DD and DD2 is the nose outline, which was inspired by Otis Carey’s desire to ride a shortboard variation of the DD. Consequently, the length of board had to increase to allow for this change, which gave the outline more curve, allowing for more critical positioning and control in the pocket, and a more “shortboard” feel through a wider range of wave conditions.

This is also achieved through a combination of other key design elements, a slightly more pronounced flyer, which breaks the rail line and allows for tighter turning arcs, a reduction in rail thickness to aid in hold and responsiveness. Increased nose rocker to aid positioning and transitions, plus we have accented or slightly deepened the quad/ feeder channel, especially around the fin area to encourage incredible water projection out the tail.

This board is the evolution of years of design and research in planning hulls, channels, parallel outlines, water displacement and timeless surfboard design. It’s the 3rd generation model of Otis’s, again reflecting his irreverent approach to surfing and continued drive to reach new heights in wave jumping.


Stock dimensions available to order (please allow 3 weeks) and for custom sizes please email harboursurf1@gmail.com: