Diamond Dancer 3
Diamond Dancer 3

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Diamond Dancer 3

From Misfits ‘Modern Cloud Control 3’ Collection, the ‘DIAMOND DANCER 3’ is their most conventional version of the Diamond Dancer Series. The most significant change from its predecessor is the overall outline; it bears similar nose width to the DD2, which aids in paddle power, but they've moved the flyer of the DD2 to a pronounced hip, which allows for a smoother more controlled turning arc. The diamond tail of the DD2 has also moved to a round square for a more “shortboard” look and feel.

Overall rocker of the board has remained similar, but with significantly increased nose lift to offset a more refined nose profile and aid in positioning and transitions. Rail shape has also been refined to increase control and responsiveness.

And what has remained true, and what is the link of the entire DD range is the ‘quad-feeder’ channel but with reduced depth and slightly a widened channel, which reduces lift and encourages greater wave connection, while maintaining the phenomenal speed that the channel generates.


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