NEO Speed Egg

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NEO Speed Egg

Although never released, Misfit have been playing with this model for over 10 years. So it's old in design, but a new (neo) realease. It is also the base planshape of their upcoming mid-length 'softboard' (more on that to come...). So here it finally is, a mid-length shape, a classic, the ‘NEO SPEED EGG’.

Now this is far from new in design, the shape was pioneered in California across the 1970s, but like all retrospective inspired shapes, they have applied contemporary and progressive design to classic board principles.

The ‘Neo Speed Egg’ is an all-round design with a relaxed entry rocker for ease of paddle plus a slight lift and a snubbed off nose to reduce catching in critical parts of the wave. The clean “eggy” outline has an accented forward placed wide point for effortless paddle and trim, tapered in to a round, or round pin tail for fluidity, flow and control when it counts. The bottom is a subtle roll vee to double vee combination, with a single fin, or 2+1 fin configuration, all combining to create a speedy all-rounder that flows, glides and planes in a wide range of locations and conditions. This board suits your transitioning surfer, through to your experienced short/ small board rider that wants a flowing, fast mid length board.


Stock dimensions available to order (please allow 3 weeks) and for custom sizes please email