Misfit Shapes


The PROFORM has incredible F1 feel and responsiveness that you would expect from a go-to team blade. They've updated it with some conventional and slightly more forgiving attributes; most notably a fuller, or more “post 2010” contemporary shortboard outline.

Don’t be fooled though, this nooner producer is still a homage to tearing blades of the ‘00’s. They've kept the same continuous rocker with accelerated late kick in tail for flow, drive and release, a dished out concave from entry through tail for added lift, squirt and responsive rail-to-rail power surfing.

A clean foil from nose to tail and any excess foam is trimmed off to make this board an extension of your body in good to perfect wave conditions, chances are you'll experience the best sessions of your life on this board!!


Stock dimensions available to order (please allow 3 weeks) and for custom sizes please email