Yeti Wolf
Yeti Wolf
Yeti Wolf


Yeti Wolf

The Yeti Wolf is a mythical creature that has been spotted over the years with the most recent sightings stemming around coastal communities form the USA to Australia and beyond. Originally a land dwelling creature, it has now taken to the water and been decimating coastlines around the world. It's low entry rocker allows the Yeti Wolf to reach great speeds with ease and the extreme tail flip is vital for quick directions changes when hunting prey. The soft boxy rails have a slightly 'turned up' finish that are very forgiving under your feet and incredibly responsive. A contemporary, modern shortboard built for everyday hunting. 

outline Outline
A contemporary modern shortboard for everyday conditions.
entry Entry Rocker
Low entry rocker for ease of paddling and instant speed.
exit Exit Rocker
Extreme late tail flip for tight pocket surfing and quick directional changes.
concave Concave
Mid Single
tail Tail
Hip Squash. A subtle break point in the tail outline increases sensitivity under your back foot.

Fin Setup

Stock dimensions available to order:

Length Width Thickness Volume
5'8 19  2 1/4 25.7L
5'10 19 1/4 2 5/16 28.2L
5'11 19 1/2 2 3/8 29.2L



19 5/8

19 3/4

2 3/8

2 1/2



6'2 19 7/8 2 9/16 33.7L
6'3 20 2 5/8 35.1L
6'4 20 1/8 2 5/8 36L